Bow Care

Caring for your CodaBow is remarkably simple. Cleaning and rehairing routinely will ensure that it lasts forever. As with all fine bows, please store your CodaBow properly when not in use. Because your CodaBow is crafted in the likeness of fine traditional bows, rehairing and general maintenance can be done conventionally in the stringed instrument shop of your choice. For your convenience, the CodaBow Workshop also offers rehair and maintenance services. For details, call 1-888-CODABOW (888-263-2269).


To minimize rosin and dirt build-up on your CodaBow, wipe the shaft and frog with a soft cloth immediately after each use. Periodically, you may wipe the shaft with a soft, slightly damp cloth to restore a workshop-new finish. Water or denatured alcohol is acceptable; solvents should not be used. Please avoid unnecessary contact with the hair while cleaning the shaft.


Depending upon usage and playing conditions, we recommend rehairing your CodaBow every 6 to 12 months. All aspects of rehairing your CodaBow are traditional. As such, any shop to whom you entrust your instrument repair will be able to rehair your CodaBow. Our workshop, of course, is also able to rehair your CodaBow.