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From concert halls to arenas to music festivals everywhere, CodaBow Artists represent
some of the most talented, versatile, and passionate musicians today.


Artist Profiles


“I absolutely LOVE my Diamond GX Gold bow! From the playability to the durability, this bow is far superior to any Pernambuco bow on the market. I highly recommend this bow for any style or venue, be it classical in an orchestral hall or fiddling away by a campfire, the Diamond GX is a must have for any string player."

Brian Trew

Violinist , Uproot Hootenanny

“My CodaBow has taken pride of case. Generally, if my violin is out, so is my CodaBow. It gets the best, most focused core sound of any of my bows and has a very nice balance; enough tip weight to get even tone out to the end but still limber enough for quick fiddling moves.”

Darol Anger

Professional Fiddler

"CodaBows are simply wonderful! They produce exceptional clarity and articulation, and their tone is often as good or better than that of wood bows costing twice or three times as much. Highly recommended!"

Jeremy Kittel

Violist , Turtle Island Quartet

“I really love my CodaBow! The balance is very nice. Very even, with weight in the right places. It feels very natural. It also looks great! Very sleek, yet subtle and appropriate.”

Matthew Schoening

Professional Cellist , Solo Electric Cello

“If I had to use two words to describe it, they would be Gentle Power. The Marquise helps me get to where the instrument is most expressive and stay there comfortably. Its golden articulation and thick body of sound make it easy to reach deep into the far corners of the concert hall. Even the fiercest of accents shoot out a crystal-clean tone. My favorite bow by far."

Moni Simeonov

Classical Violinist