Daring, dashing, contemporary. The Aero pulls like a greyhound across the string, springing powerfully into action at a light touch of the hand. With clarity and liveliness, the bow drives itself and requires only gentle guidance and control to speak. The dynamic energy radiates a vivid tone that showcases dramatic style over demure restraint.

The Aero features the signature Aero frog, Interwoven Green Thead, and Back Lizard grip.



  • Lifetime Warranty
  • In-TouchTM Technology
  • Organic-Fiber Acoustic Core
  • Tone Color: Vibrant, Rich, Expressive
  • Touch: Sensitive, Supple, Strong

Custom Features

Frog: Aero Select; Grip: Lizard; Winding: Interwoven Green Thread; Undershaft engraving: Custom Crafted by CodaBow

  • Dynamic Balance: Center-Frog
  • Weight: Medium-Heavy
  • Action: Moderate-Supple
  • Strength: Medium-Soft

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