The Bow is my Breath

The Marquise Experience

Signature designs crafted in the timeless tradition of master makers.

Understanding that the bow is the agent of expression for string players, CodaBow has devoted decades to helping players realize their true voice. For nearly 10 years, CodaBow, together with master bow maker Roger Zabinski, has crafted bespoke carbon-fiber bows for private musicians, tailored to realize a player’s ideal and deliver a refined Master experience beyond our popular Performance line. We referred to these special bows as MARQUISEs, evocative of the distinctive cut of diamond prized for its elegance and sophistication. Though we have crafted bespoke master bows selectively for years, recent technological breakthroughs allow us to now avail this elevated standard of bow making to the broader public through The Marquise Experience. From the first cut to the final polish, we dedicate our talent and expertise to each MARQUISE. This shared devotion to the instrument of your expression is humbly passed from our hands to yours​.

Marquise™ GS

Inspired by centuries of tradition and decades of fine bow making experience, the MARQUISE GS is the Gold Standard of master bows.

Marquise™ Custom

Our palette of custom choices allows you to tailor your MARQUISE to suit your individual taste. Choose from an exclusive selection of European-crafted, designer frogs, stylish thumb leathers, and elegant lappings.

CodaBow Marquise - carbon fiber violin, viola, cello and bass bows

Marquise™ One

For players seeking a completely original experience, our bespoke MARQUISE starts with your narrative, your personal story. No collections or catalogues here, only a listening ear.

The bow is my breath

My singular sound, my own expression. The life of my music. Together we create, together we transcend, incomplete without the other; empowered by each other. What matters is not the speed of our notes, the volume of our sound, nor the flash of our technique. Rather the fullness of our expression, the truth of our voice, the integrity of our music. With my bow, I become… an artist.