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Performance Models

Innovative designs for ultimate command and excellence.

Creators and pioneers of the category, CodaBow continues to develop the most ground-breaking and popular models sought by professionals worldwide. With a nod to the past and an eye on the future, these models find intentionality and execution at their core. Whether you play classical, rock, jazz, or bluegrass, whether teacher, amatuer, or professional, whether searching for a primary, back-up, or gigging bow, discover your companion in the Performance Category.

The Diamond Collection

Diamond™ GX

A stunning tribute to history’s great performance bows, the DIAMOND GX delights with a tone both warm and robust.

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Diamond™ SX

While preserving the appeal of classic design, the DIAMOND SX offers a more focused, brighter tone.

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Diamond™ NX

Inheriting the same traditional design as the professional models of the Diamond Collection, the NX delivers an uncomplicated, sweet tone emphasizing the fundamental of the pitch.

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Specialized Designs


Bold and brilliant, the JOULE boasts a powerful resonance on the bottom strings and strong projection across all ranges.

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With a nod to the great French bowmakers Lamy and Voirin, the LUMA has a high, shimmering timbre as silky as its handling.

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Bass Models


A true workhorse, the REVELATION is a robust design with a stout, full sound.

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True to its name, the INFINITY offers limitless possibilities for musicians to explore.

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