Advanced Technology inspires Advanced Technique

Student Bows

Reliable designs created to elevate and support developing musicians.

At CodaBow, we agree with the noted Julliard pedagogue, Dorothy Delay, who said, “People learn best when they feel successful at it.” This is why we have taken such care to understand, design, and craft bows that serve the specific needs of students. As in all disciplines, choosing good equipment is the first step to elevating performance, inspiring confidence, and ultimately encouraging success in young artists


The shared vision of innovative bow makers and professional teachers, the PRODIGY finally offers exceptional students an elevating and supportive design.

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CodaBows are recommended by teachers worldwide

“The bow arrived and is fantastic! It is visually beautiful, great craftsmanship and plays like a dream!”

Bob Phillips, Director of String Publications for Alfred Music

“I can’t think of a better bow that can both demonstrate all the bow techniques required of any player as well as stand up to the daily rigors of grades 4-12.”

Clark Sheldon, Director of Barrington High School Orchestra

“CodaBows are excellent for both teacher and student. I have taught with one my entire career.”

Kirk Moss, Past President of ASTA