Project Description

Abby Stahlschmidt

Artist, Composer, Model

I own the Joule bow which I use with my 6-string electric Viper violin, and I have found it to be an incredible match. The bow itself allows me great precision and clarity on the lower register of my violin, as well as wonderful lightness and control on the E and A strings. It truly handles my Viper violin better than any other bow I have used! I also have had the pleasure of practicing and performing with the Diamond GX bow, and am truly impressed. This bow is truly for the professional artist as it handles with extreme control, articulation, and precision that rivals the finest wooden bows. I’ve performed in the practice room, recording studio, and on international stages with CodaBows violin bows, and would highly recommend them to string players who are seeking the handling of a fine wooden bow with the durability and reliability of artisan-crafted carbon fiber.

Bow: Joule™