Project Description

Catherine Lawson Kennedy

“I love the weight and response of this bow! I also love the tone – very rich and focused! I’ve had this bow for a 10 day “audition” period and have played every style I can think of with it.

Classical, “old-timey,” celtic, cajun, bluegrass, country, folk, latin/salsa, bossa, contemporary jazz, swing-jazz, broadway, pop, classic rock, world fusion, etc etc and the bow is outstanding across all these genres!

I have a Viorin bow which never leaves the house (for obvious reasons) and the Luma is very nearly the same weight, the response is very similar. his is my 3rd Coda bow (an “Electric” from 2003 and a “Conservatory” from 2007). On all of the CDs I play on, I include a credit for Coda Bows. I can’t wait to record with the Luma and will definitely list it in my credits. Thanks!”