Project Description

Niall Murphy

Artist & Performer Around the World

“I was astonished at how my Diamond GX performed from the minute it touched the strings. It’s so agile and extremely well balanced and produces such a rich and powerful tone over all 5 strings, something I struggled to find in the past with other carbon and wooden bows. It is practically un-phased by temperature and humidity changes which, as a touring musician, is a very important quality. It does everything I need it to and more, from long legato bowing and percussive chopping to playing fast tunes in sessions and recording in the studio, plus it looks amazing too. Its a match made in heaven!”

Niall has been touring extensively around the globe from the age of 17, playing Australia, China, USA and around Europe, collaborating with artists such as Foy Vance, Jamie Lawson, Dan Tyminski, Mary Black, The Chieftains, The Dubliners, to name just a few. As a 5 times National Fiddle Champion he is highly sought after as a session musician both in the studio and on stage. He now is a member of Irish Star and Multi Platinum artist Nathan Carter’s band, playing fiddle, mandolin and guitar while continuing other musical projects Breaking Trad, Doolin and The Roots Revival.

Bow: Diamond GX™
Website: Niall Murphy Music