Project Description

Romer String Quartet

Artists-in-Residence The Chinese University of Hong Kong

“As a quartet, Coda Bows fulfilled our bow-matching dream. We are using the Diamond GX with white Alabaster frogs. Not only are they beautiful and unique-looking, they are so remarkably reliable and versatile we love to use them to play any piece any where! Coda Bows are our perfect travelling companions, they require minimal maintenance and are not affected by weather changes. Our Coda Bows play a unique role in our outreach performances as little kids always notice and love our matching white frogs! With the practically unbreakable Coda Bows we feel comfortable to move around freely as we interact. We also feel safe if our young audience would like to touch our bows. We are definitely proud owners and users of Coda Bow. We highly recommend it to all professionals and students!”