Service Request

CodaBow is the trusted partner for generations of players the world over. Built on the principles of performance, quality, value, and service, we remain committed to supporting our musicians in every way.

The CodaBow Customer Portal

With our Customer Portal, you never have to question what stage your bow is at in the service process or wonder when your last rehair was. Sign up for our portal to submit a request and see your past tickets.

CodaBow Care & Maintenance

Caring for your CodaBow is remarkably simple, and routine care will ensure that it lasts forever. As with all fine bows, please store your CodaBow properly when not playing it. Because your CodaBow is crafted in the likeness of fine traditional bows, rehairing and general maintenance can be done conventionally by your trusted violin shop or luthier. For your convenience, the CodaBow Workshop also offers rehair and maintenance services. Please use the instructions and form below to request workshop services.

Cleaning –To minimize rosin and dirt build up on your CodaBow, wipe the shaft and frog with a soft cloth immediately after each use.

Rehairing – Depending upon usage and playing conditions, we recommend rehairing your CodaBow every 6 to 12 months.

CodaBow Exploratory Service

Never miss a beat when you send your CodaBow in for service. With CodaBow’s Exploratory Service Program, you now have the option to receive up to three CodaBow models to use during the time of your service. You can request your current model or explore our other models in our customer portal when submitting a service request. This service is a non-refundable, one-time charge of $25.

To return your bow for a service or warranty request:

  1. To send in your CodaBow for warranty evaluation or service please log in to the customer portal and complete a SERVICE REQUEST.
  2. Shipping:
    1. If you are receiving Exploratory Bows during your service, we will send these bows and a return label for you to send your bow back to us in after receiving payment for your service requested and the Exploratory Service fee.
    2. If you are not choosing to receive Exploratory Bows, package the items safely. We recommend using a bow case or bubble wrap and a poster tube for shipment. Address it to CodaBow International Customer Service Dept. 1845 Mobile Drive, Winona MN 55987
  3. At the completion of your workshop service, we will email your invoice and payment link. Your bow will ship back to you upon payment.
  4. Please allow a two-week turnaround for service plus round-trip shipping.

SERVICE COSTS: Rehairs cost $89 for current CodaBow models, $99 for bass and discontinued models plus a return shipping fee of $24. Other services please call or email for quote.