Signature designs of professional violin bows.

Traditional artistry, coupled with the most innovative materials and tools of today, allows players of THE MARQUISE, our signature professional bow for violin, viola and cello, the freedom to explore any musical landscape. Whether you choose THE MARQUISE, or one of our other master-level bows, know you are getting a durable, premium-quality bow that comes with a robust warranty that gives peace of mind.

Understanding that a professional violin, viola or cello bow is the agent of expression for master string players, CodaBow has devoted decades to helping players realize their true voice. For over 10 years, CodaBow, along with master bowmaker Roger Zabinski, has crafted master-level carbon fiber bows for professional violinists, violists and cellists.

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Marquise GS Bass
  • $1,895.00
Marquise GS Cello
  • $1,555.00
Marquise GS Viola
  • $1,425.00
Marquise GS Violin
  • $1,295.00
Escent Cello
  • $1,195.00
Escent Viola
  • $1,095.00
Escent Violin
  • $995.00
Marquise Aero Cello
  • $1,800.00
Marquise Aero Viola
  • $1,650.00
Marquise Aero Violin
  • $1,495.00
Marquise Escher Cello
  • $1,900.00
Marquise Escher Viola
  • $1,750.00

Unsurpassed Carbon Fiber Architecture

As a professional, knowing your violin, viola or cello bow will support your musicianship provides security. Superior craftsmanship and design are critical to promising the highest quality bow for your best performance. Masterfully woven in our signature pattern, our graphite fibers extend precisely from button to tip to achieve optimal balance between strength and flexibility.