CodaBow Dealers — Where to Buy Violin, Viola and Cello Bows

Regardless of which CodaBow collection you shop, each carbon-fiber bow we offer has been masterfully woven in our signature pattern to achieve optimal strength and flexibility. With our proprietary blend of organic and composite material, our superior-quality bows attain unrivaled timbre, overtones, and range.

How to Choose a Good Violin, Viola or Cello Bow

Unsure where to start or where to buy one of our violin, viola or cello bows? If you are a student or beginning player, we recommend the Prodigy carbon-fiber bow. Advanced players are encouraged to pick from our performance bows and we also have a robust selection of master bows

You do not have to shop online to experience a CodaBow. Find a reputable dealer below to try one of our award-winning, carbon-fiber bows in person.