CodaBow Dealers — Where to Buy Violin, Viola, and Cello Bows

Regardless of which CodaBow collection you shop, each carbon fiber bow we offer has been masterfully woven in our signature pattern to achieve optimal strength and flexibility. With our proprietary blend of organic and composite material, our superior-quality bows attain unrivaled timbre, overtones, and range.

How to Choose a Good Violin, Viola, or Cello Bow

Unsure where to start? If you are a student or beginning player, we recommend the Prodigy carbon fiber bow. Advanced players are encouraged to pick from our performance bows and we also have a robust selection of master bows

Bow Dealers

Ready to shop for your next violin, viola, or cello bow? Search our dealers using the map or your address to find a convenient option near you. If you prefer not to go out, CodaBow offers risk-free, in-home trials, allowing you to try up to six of our award-winning carbon fiber bows for up to seven days.