Carbon Fiber Violin Bows Blending Tradition and Modern Innovation

Whether you’re a student just picking up the violin for the first time or an accomplished master about to walk on stage, the right bow is essential for harnessing your best performance. CodaBow’s master makers have dedicated themselves to engineering award-winning violin bows for players of all skill levels and styles.

Our carbon fiber violin bows are backed by decades of tradition and experience. We pair traditional artistry with innovative materials to bring players like you violin bows that rival the finest Pernambuco bows. Masterfully blending pedagogy and a scientific approach, we craft each of our violin bows from button to tip to facilitate outstanding acoustic performance and vivid tonality.

Diamond NX Violin
  • $455.00
Marquise GS Violin
  • $1,295.00
Diamond GX Violin
  • From $895.00
Prodigy Violin
  • $365.00
Diamond SX Violin
  • $655.00
Escent Violin
  • $995.00
Marquise Escher Violin
  • $1,595.00
Luma Violin
  • $765.00
Marquise Tuxedo Violin
  • $1,595.00
Joule Violin
  • $765.00
Marquise Heritage Violin
  • $1,495.00
Marquise Aero Violin
  • $1,495.00

Violin Bows Designed with Students in Mind

For those just entering the violin world, we offer the Prodigy bow designed to support a developing violinist’s growth and musical journey. Agile and responsive, this bow was created by scientists to move well with the playing patterns of a budding violinist.

Performance Violin Bows for Taking the Stage

When playing for crowds big or small, you need a well-crafted bow designed to enhance your playing and produce exceptional sound. Thanks to their intentional designs and unrivaled quality, CodaBow’s performance violin bows are favored by professionals all over the world. With a GlobalBow® designation, our advanced bows can be taken worldwide. They contain no endangered materials, allowing them to pass worry-free through customs.

We offer performance violin bows fit for all styles of playing. For outdoor or acoustically challenging venues, consider the Diamond SX. If you take a more bluegrass approach to music or play the fiddle, our Joule or Luma model could be the perfect carbon fiber violin bow for you.

Carbon Fiber Bows for Master Violin Players

With our student and performance bows, we’re here to guide you through every stage of your journey toward mastery. As you expand your skill set and reach new heights, our master-level violin bows can help you continue to refine your playing and perform more complex pieces.
Smooth handling, balanced weight, and unparalleled control allow you to perfect your skills, whether your bow is flying across the strings on a bluegrass piece or smooth and steady during a classical performance. For next-level agility and responsiveness, explore bows like the Marquise GS — our gold standard for master-level violin bows.

Elevate Your Violin Playing with CodaBow

We are committed to the delicate art of bow making and aim to equip violinists from all walks of life with the carbon fiber bows they need to perform their best. Join some of the world’s top musicians in playing with a CodaBow today.