Diamond SX Violin

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Karen Thom

The Diamond SX is exactly what Coda says it is!! I tried the Diamond GX, Joule and Escent as well. My violin is over 110 yrs old with a warm rich sound. The SX, Joule and Escent all worked well with it. Personally, I preferred the balance and weight of the SX. My other violin has a much bolder tone and the Diamond GX paired with it was a powerhouse!! I think those who play a lot of fiddle and bluegrass might really enjoy the GX. Thank you Coda for the in home trial program!!!

Scott Weber
First impressions of the Diamond SX

I play a lot of outdoor gigs and wanted
to upgrade my older carbon fiber bow,
so I chose the Diamond SX based on
the Coda Bow website, plus I wanted
a model with a choice of colors.
My first impression was how nice the bow looks. The amethyst finish is very
well done and is a big improvement over carbon grey. After putting on the rosin, I compared it with all my bows on
several violins, acoustic and electric,
and was absolutely amazed at how
better it sounded, not only compared to
my first carbon fiber but also to my
wooden bows. The Diamond SX has
a refined, focused tone across all
strings, and makes my other carbon
fiber sound raucous and harsh by comparison. But I was unprepared
for the Diamond SX sounding and
playing better than my best pernambuco bow, which cost me a bit
more than the Diamond. The
Coda Bow will be my first choice for
gigs, indoor or outdoor. I plan to buy another (ever show up to a performance and realize your left your best bow in
another case?) so I’ll have two identical bows.

M. Pratt

In the beginning of 2018 I knew I needed another bow because I really didn't have a backup. So I looked into Coda Bow and did their week trial of four bows(which come to think of it may have been through Shar Music). Among them was the Diamond SX. After playing all of them it came down to the SX or another one called Impulse. As I continued to play the bows alternately the SX was out performing the Impulse every time and sounded better as well. I am very much of a die hard wood instrument and wood bow person but after buying and using the SX there is no way I would switch back to my wood bow unless I had too. The SX is totally worth the price! I love it!!