Industry-Leading Carbon Fiber Viola Bows

Your viola bow is the channel of expression for your playing. As such, it should reflect your style and serve as an extension of yourself.

Since pioneering the carbon fiber bow, CodaBow has remained dedicated to innovating and designing world-class viola bows that support players of any style, station, and skill level. From beginner bows engineered specifically for developing violists to master-level viola bows that let you shine on stage, you’ll find the perfect bow to elevate your performance in our collection.


Diamond NX Viola
  • $495.00
  • $445.50
Marquise GS Viola
  • $1,425.00
Marquise Escher Viola
  • $1,750.00
Marquise Heritage Viola
  • $1,650.00
Escent Viola
  • $1,095.00


Diamond GX Viola
  • $980.00
  • From $882.00
Joule Viola
  • $845.00
Prodigy Viola
  • $395.00
Marquise Tuxedo Viola
  • $1,750.00
Marquise Aero Viola
  • $1,650.00
Luma Viola
  • $845.00


Diamond SX Viola
  • $720.00
  • $648.00

Take the Spotlight With Master-Level Viola Bows

We seamlessly blend traditional craftsmanship with a scientific approach to design innovative bows that enable you to forge a strong connection with your viola and confidently explore any musical landscape. With the help of master bow makers, we craft stunning carbon fiber viola bows that deliver refined handling and poignant tones rivaling those of the finest wood bows.

Supple handling and vibrant sound make options like the CodaBow Marquise GS — our gold standard bow — highly sought after by professional violists worldwide.

Performance Viola Bows for Professionals, Amateurs, and All Musicians in Between

Your viola bow is your musical companion — whether you’re teaching, gigging, or practicing at home. CodaBow continues to develop revolutionary viola bows to help you achieve new levels of playing. Drawing inspiration from tradition while looking toward the future, our professional carbon fiber viola bows embody a foundation of purposeful design and flawless execution.

Some of our performance viola bow models — the Diamond SX, Joule, and Luma — let you express yourself more than musically. Showcase your visual style and personality with a customizable Chroma option. Choose from our stunning selection of stick and winding colors to create a professional bow that goes big on style without sacrificing quality and performance.

Student Viola Bows to Help New Players Succeed

A violist is only as good as their bow, and a student can only learn and advance as well as their bow allows. At CodaBow, we craft our student bows by combining years of pedagogical experience with state-of-the art bow making materials and technology. The end result is a high-quality carbon fiber bow thoughtfully designed to support the technique of developing violists. Unlock your potential with a Prodigy student viola bow.

Reach New Musical Height with CodaBow

Award-winning designs, decades of experience, and a dedication to the art of bow making have made CodaBow a leader in the carbon fiber bow industry. Take your viola playing to new levels with a CodaBow today.