Carbon Fiber Cello Bows That Stand Out

Your cello bow is second in importance only to the cello itself when it comes to shaping the quality and expression of an outstanding musical performance. Whether you’re a student walking into your first lesson or a professional taking the international stage, you rely on your bow to unlock your instrument’s potential.

CodaBow carbon fiber cello bows offer unrivaled durability and adaptability across styles at a price that will please your wallet. CodaBow’s master makers and scientists fuse the tradition and quality you expect from a legacy bow manufacturer with cutting-edge technology and outstanding performance.

Marquise GS Cello
  • $1,555.00
Diamond NX Cello
  • $545.00
Diamond GX Cello
  • From $1,065.00
Diamond SX Cello
  • $785.00
Prodigy Cello
  • $435.00
Marquise Escher Cello
  • $1,900.00
Luma Cello
  • $915.00
Escent Cello
  • $1,195.00
Joule Cello
  • $915.00
Marquise Aero Cello
  • $1,800.00
Marquise Tuxedo Cello
  • $1,900.00
Marquise Heritage Cello
  • $1,800.00

Choose a CodaBow Cello Bow with Confidence

CodaBows are made with ethical materials, including our proprietary Xebony®. All CodaBow cello bows have GlobalBow® designation, so they are not made with any kind of endangered, monitored, or regulated species of flora or fauna. GlobalBow® designation means traveling to international performances and passing through customs effortlessly. Plus, with a premium warranty and repairs by the CodaBow Workshop in Winona, MN, you can play stress-free for years to come.

CodaBow Prodigy Cello Bow for Students

Beginner cello players have unique needs, and our master makers and scientific team have crafted a unique bow to meet those needs. The Prodigy is a comfortable medium weight, balancing stability with maneuverability and smooth, reliable action. The effortlessness of the Prodigy bow allows students to focus on mastering their instruments instead of worrying about their bows.

Carbon Fiber Cello Bows for Every Performance

When you take the stage, you must have complete confidence in your cello bow, knowing it will perform flawlessly. That’s why professionals worldwide rely on CodaBow for noteworthy performances of all sizes and styles.

If you’re looking for a responsive, expressive bow that lends itself to a wide range of techniques and styles, the CodaBow Diamond GX cello bow is your ideal choice. On the other hand, if you prioritize a lightweight, nimble bow that can easily play technical passages, consider the CodaBow Luma.

Elevate Your Playing with Master Cello Bows

CodaBow’s student and performance bow progression can help you grow as a musician and build your skill. Our master-level bows offer the exquisite sound and handling that demanding expert players require. The CodaBow Marquise GS brings a vibrant, brilliant sound to professional playing that rivals even the finest Pernambuco cello bow.

Expert-Crafted Carbon Fiber Cello Bows for Life

Whether it’s your first as a student or your hundredth as a professional, many factors must be considered when selecting a cello bow. From seeking a balance and weight that sits comfortably in your hand to desirable materials made to last a lifetime, your cello bow is an indispensable tool and partner in performance.

CodaBow’s expert-crafted carbon fiber cello bows fit into all parts of your musical journey. When you purchase a CodaBow cello bow, you invest in a product musicians worldwide already trust for their most important performances. Join them and set up an in-home trial of a CodaBow today.