Marquise GS Cello

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I’ve been playing professionally as a classical violinist with orchestras for 40 years. Five years ago I was looking for a touring bow that would be strong , not as costly as my traditional high quality bow from Switzerland.
I came across Diamond GX . This bow was tried by an entire violin section and everyone was impressed by its responsiveness.
Since then I rarely use my other bow because this one is so consistent in in what it delivers. I’ve now bought a Marquis to add to my collection!

Dorlene Cross
Superior bow in every way!

I trialed 4 bows for a week: 2 Marquise and 2 Diamond GX as I was upgrading from my student Diamond NX. While I enjoyed all 4–and I had planned to go with the GX- I fell in love with 1 of the Marquise for what it did for my violin and how natural it felt in my hand. What I would say makes the difference that justified the $$ for me was how responsive the bow was for expression and inflection of tone and color. I don’t pretend to be a great virtuoso but this bow helps take my playing to a new level and increases my love for playing my violin. And really, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Rhona Reagen
Surpassed my expectations

I purchased this bow to pair with my Luis and Clark carbon fiber viola. I had been using my $4k German bow and the sound match wasn't exactly what I wanted. Wow - was I blown away when I used this bow! Immediate response which brought out all the tonal qualities of the instrument - many I have never heard. I originally bought this to be a back up for my "better" instrument/bow but now I have 2 equally strong sets! Totally amazing