Innovation: Technology and Design

“CodaBow’s Jeff Van Fossen is changing the string world….Making a consistent and responsive bow widely available may be the most revolutionary thing to happen to string playing since Francois Tourte crafted the first modern bow.”

— Strings Magazine

  • CodaBow not only pioneered the carbon fiber bow but invented the processes and tooling to create the bows.
  • CodaBow learned first-hand from players what they needed and desired in their bow and developed a foundation of understanding of the principles of bow mechanics, taking what had long been intuitive and theoretical and making it empirical and practical.
  • CodaBow is the only bow company with intentional designs, deliberately and carefully crafted by hand to exacting specifications.
  • CodaBow continues to give the music community the tools of understanding through science and language the properties of bows so they know how they work and what fills their need.

codabow bow tip
codabow c3 profile

CodaBow’s pioneering C3 Profile depicts ribbon compliance in three dimensions, offering unique insight into the performance character of bows.