Marquise GS
Our Top Level Master Bow
Diamond GX
Now with Alabaster Frog!
Diamond SX
Small Batch Custom Colors!
Marquise GS
Our Top Level Master Bow
Diamond GX
Now with Alabaster Frog!
Diamond SX
Small Batch Custom Colors!

In-Home Trial

Decades of education research, and fine bow-making experience shipped right to your front door!

CodaBow In-Home Trial

Marquise GS

Inspired by centuries of tradition and decades of fine bow making experience, the MARQUISE GS is the Gold Standard of master bows. 


Featured Collection: The Diamond Line

Explore the Diamond Series, our most popular arrangement of bows designed to grow beginners into professionals.

Diamond GX
  • From $845.00
Diamond SX
  • From $595.00
Diamond NX
  • From $430.00


Featured Reviews from Passionate Players!

The qualities of this bow are exactly as described on your website. It immediately felt more stable than my wooden bow, it tracks smoothly, and there is a clear improvement in sound too.

Fiona C.

I am in love with my coda bow! I bought the Diamond GX model and it’s absolutely amazing. And when I have had any problems the people at Coda Bows have been so helpful!

Andrew S.

It came very quickly and is excellent! I have another model and wanted to upgrade; I couldn’t be happier with it.

Michael G.

This is my son's second CodaBow. He says they are the best!

Jennifer G.

Holly provided great customer service. We had 3 bows sent to us for in-home trial and they arrived very quickly. My daughter was able to spend several days choosing the best bow. All the invoices were sent very quickly and the team at Coda even registered our new bow for us. A great buying experience!

David D.

The Marquise is nice upgrade from my Coda Classic. Makes everything I do easier and draws a richer complex tone from tip to frog.

John A.

I have CodaBows for all of my instruments. They are the best bows available.

David B.

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