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The CodaBow Collection in the Comfort of Your Home
Diamond GX
New Xebony Alabaster Frog
Diamond SX
Now in a variety of Custom Colors
In-Home Trial
The CodaBow Collection in the Comfort of Your Home
Diamond GX
New Xebony Alabaster Frog
Diamond SX
Now in a variety of Custom Colors

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Marquise GS

Inspired by centuries of tradition and decades of fine bow making experience, the MARQUISE GS is the Gold Standard of master bows. Designed by the leaders of advanced bowmaking, the GS delivers exquisite handling and expressive sound once reserved only for the finest master bows.


Featured Collection: The Diamond Line

Explore the Diamond Series, our most popular arrangement of bows designed to grow beginners into professionals.

Diamond GX
  • From $845.00
Diamond SX
  • From $595.00
Diamond NX
  • From $430.00
Intentional Design Tied to Timeless Pedagogy

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Featured Reviews from Passionate Players!

The bow feels great and makes a beautiful sound in my violin. Well balanced and smooth.

Ann H.

I am in love with my coda bow! I bought the Diamond GX model and it’s absolutely amazing. And when I have had any problems the people at Coda Bows have been so helpful!

Andrew S.

It came very quickly and is excellent! I have another model and wanted to upgrade; I couldn’t be happier with it.

Michael G.

This is my son's second CodaBow. He says they are the best!

Jennifer G.

The Marquise is nice upgrade from my Coda Classic. Makes everything I do easier and draws a richer complex tone from tip to frog.

John A.

The balance and weight of the bow are fantastic, especially compared to my old bow. Can't wait for the future with this bow!

Jordan D.

I have CodaBows for all of my instruments. They are the best bows available.

David B.

CodaBow Ambassadors

From concert halls to arenas to music festivals everywhere, CodaBow Artists represent some of the most talented, versatile, and passionate musicians today.

Black Violin

"CodaBow makes the most consistently brilliant bows in the world."

Isabel Villanueva

“As a classical musician, travelling most of my time, now more than ever concerts are programmed in very different places and latitudes, including open air. I always take my Marquise Codabow along with my Sartory bow because it retains its feeling night after night. I love it .”

Cremaine Booker

"... It allows me to pull a nice deep and rich sound while also being able to give me the attack I need. I feel that the bow is strong enough to get attack but flexible enough for great tone! I truly love this Marquise bow!”

Kiana June Weber

I have been using Coda bows for the last 10 years. They have come with me all over the world, played on every live stage imaginable from open-air festivals in the mountains to the Kenney center.  They are durable for any kind of performance and travel,  and responsive enough for even the most sensitive players. My marquise bow has become an integral part of my sound. 

Kirk Moss

“CodaBows are excellent for both teacher and student. I have taught with one my entire career.”

Oriol Sana

“I love my Coda Bow Marquise, very nice balance, easy to play and flexible with the combinations of materials...My perfect friend in my travels, it never fails.”

Jonathan H Warren

"I finally found a bow that can go with me wherever I go and a bow company that inspires me to go further.”

Abigail Stahlschmidt

"...highly recommend them to string players who are seeking the handling of a fine wooden bow with the durability and reliability of artisan-crafted carbon fiber.”

Niall Murphy

"It does everything I need it to and more, from long legato bowing and percussive chopping to playing fast tunes in sessions and recording in the studio, plus it looks amazing too. Its a match made in heaven!”

Bruce Molsky

"As much as I love wooden bows, I’d say the Luma’s composite construction gives me more consistent performance in hot and cold, muggy or dry environments. I don’t know of anything that comes close for the price."

Diana Ladio

"I have finally found a bow that can effortlessly achieve the quick cuts of traditional fiddle tunes and still reach the velvety depths of a Brahms Sonata. The Joule is versatility at its finest!“

Mark Evitts

“I can go from wet conditions to super dry and hot conditions and the bow doesn’t change. AND it’s versatile in its playing!”