In-Home Trial Information and FAQs

Thank you for being a part of our in-home trials program!

Welcome to the CodaBow in-home trials program. We are excited that you are considering CodaBow for your next bow purchase and are getting to play one in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you choose to play.

FAQs, information, and tips can be found below in case you have any questions regarding the in-home trial. 


What are the terms of the in-home trial?

  • Trials are limited to 7 days from when the bows are delivered
  • CodaBow will cover all costs of shipping and returning bows
  • A non-refundable one-time flat fee of $35 will be charged for a trial
  • Each trial can include up to 6 bow

When does my trial begin?

Your trial begins the day you receive the bows. This means that seven days from now, it will be time to wrap up your trial. You can reach out to your CodaBow representative before the trial is over, but we will be in touch to get your feedback at the end of your trial period.

What if I want to purchase one of the bows I tried?

If at the end of your trial you’d like to purchase a bow, you can either buy the bow from your trial, or we can ship you an unrosined bow straight from our workbench. Let your CodaBow representative know which option you would like at the time of purchase.

What if I don't want to keep any of the bows?

If you decide it's not for you, no problem! Simply send the bows back in the shipping box that came with the bows, put on the return label, and send it back to us. 

How do I return the bows from my trial I do not want to purchase?

When returning the bows you will not be purchasing, repackage the bows in the original trial packaging. Then use the included return label and apply over the original label. Then, drop the bows off at a FedEx location or schedule a pickup.

Tips on getting the most out of your trial:

  • Practice the same repertoire on each model and note how each of them feel and sound with your instrument.
  • Do a blind test! Remove any tags and make a conscious effort not to look at which model you are trying.
  • Record yourself playing!
  • Get input from a friend.
  • Know about the models you have on trial: If you have any questions about the models, your CodaBow representative will be able to help you. Otherwise, you can also check out our e-book/Path to Mastery diagram to see the design differences in each model.

Bow Education

If you would like to learn more about our bow models, feel free to click the links below to download out Path to Mastery overview and our E-book that outlines all of our models in further detail.

Path to Mastery

CodaBow E-book

If you have any additional questions that are not covered by the information above, feel free to reach out to us by either filling out the contact us form, or email us directly at