Marquise GS Viola

  • $1,425.00

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I’ve no words to express how happy and satisfied I am with the bow. The sound is similar to my best pernambuco bow (which I never found one that sounds that good for years). Feels solid in my hand and the playability is better than all my pernambuco bows (I have 6).
About the look, of course better than any wooden bow.
Thanks Coda Bows for the pleasure of years to come.

Dorlene Cross
Superior bow in every way!

I trialed 4 bows for a week: 2 Marquise and 2 Diamond GX as I was upgrading from my student Diamond NX. While I enjoyed all 4–and I had planned to go with the GX- I fell in love with 1 of the Marquise for what it did for my violin and how natural it felt in my hand. What I would say makes the difference that justified the $$ for me was how responsive the bow was for expression and inflection of tone and color. I don’t pretend to be a great virtuoso but this bow helps take my playing to a new level and increases my love for playing my violin. And really, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Rhona Reagen
Surpassed my expectations

I purchased this bow to pair with my Luis and Clark carbon fiber viola. I had been using my $4k German bow and the sound match wasn't exactly what I wanted. Wow - was I blown away when I used this bow! Immediate response which brought out all the tonal qualities of the instrument - many I have never heard. I originally bought this to be a back up for my "better" instrument/bow but now I have 2 equally strong sets! Totally amazing