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CodaBow pioneered the carbon-fiber bow, is the industry leader, and sets the standard for advanced bows. CodaBow bows are supported by the four pillars of our brand: performance, quality, innovation, and service.

The difference is in the design, and our exclusive and innovative features mean your bow gives you the ability to always give your best performance.

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Choosing the Right Bow

For players of every style, station and aspiration, CodaBow’s designs are unsurpassed.

The key to ultimate enjoyment of your music is free and effortless expression. As the channel of expression, the bow must be a seamless extension of your arm and communicate your personal style. Today, with advanced materials and techniques, we engineer individual characteristics to optimize your experience no matter your style, level, or taste. With CodaBow, you can now select the perfect match for every performance.

What the Players are Saying


GlobalBow ® Design – Protect What’s Precious

Many musicians are aware of the limited and restricted resources of Pernambuco and Ivory, but not everyone is aware that several of the other most common materials such as Madagascar Ebony and Mother-of-Pearl are also endangered. CodaBows are crafted with our GlobalBow Design eliminating the use of all endangered, regulated, and protected species common on other bows. Our advanced material alternatives offer a sustainable solution to the earth’s precious resources and protect traveling musicians from the risks of delays, fines, and confiscation at international borders.


XEBONY is a beautiful solution to the world’s endangered supply of instrument-quality Madagascar ebony. Invented by CodaBow and comprised of organic fibers and resin, XEBONY is stronger and more durable than natural ebony and offers improved performance while also conserving our endangered resources.

Carbon Slide

The carbon slide and metal inlay protect Abalone colonies from over-harvesting due to ornamenting traditional and common bow frogs.

Composite Sure-Wedge System (wedges and plugs)

A secure alternative to basswood plugs, this design is CodaBow’s singular and efficient system for hairing both frog and tip.

Fiber-reinforced composite tip plate

To protect our threatened species and fight against illegally-traded ivory, CodaBow uses its own alloy or composite molded tip plates which strengthen the vulnerable head and nose of the bow.

Individual Serialization Number

Your bow is an investment. You deserve the tools that protect your investment and give you peace-of-mind. Each CodaBow model is engraved with a unique serial number that records manufacture date, optimizes tracking and insurance, and enables your warranty.

Signature Carbon Fiber Architecture

As a string player, knowing that your bow will support your musicianship provides security. Craftsmanship and design are critical to promising the highest quality bow for your best performance. Masterfully woven in our signature pattern, our graphite fibers extend precisely from button to tip to achieve optimal balance between strength and flexibility.


We are the only bow company in the world to have been awarded the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals at the International Maker’s Competition, in the Commercial Bow Category.