Reinforce your confidence as a developing musician with a violin, viola or cello carbon fiber bow for beginners.

Your bow does more than influence the variety of sounds you can draw from your instrument. It also affects how easy or difficult it is to learn to play your violin, viola, or cello, so you want to make sure you select the highest quality student bow for your needs. At CodaBow, we combine pedagogical expertise and modern design technology to intentionally and sustainably create performance bows ideally suited for players of every style, station, and aspiration. Our carbon fiber violin, viola and cello bows for beginners are engineered to achieve tailor-made, hyper-detailed specifications that elevate and support the developing musician. These bows are durable, as they are made from the strongest materials on Earth. And they provide a unique look, feel, and sound that increases confidence and performance quality.

We agree with the noted Julliard pedagogue, Dorothy Delay, who said, “People learn best when they feel successful at it.” So, choose a student bow to pair with your violin, viola or cello that helps you feel successful. Choose a CodaBow.

Prodigy Violin
  • $365.00
Prodigy Cello
  • $435.00
Prodigy Viola
  • $395.00

A Bow Meant to Last

CodaBow’s beginner violin, viola and cello bows have high-wear components (tip plate, tip wedge, and button bearings) that are precision made with industry-leading composite materials. This ensures worry-free play that CodaBow backs with a five-year warranty.