Our Values, Our Culture, Our Company

perfomance integrity service quality

The four pillars of our brand guide everything we do: from engineering, to manufacturing, to customer service. Considered the best in class in performance, quality, value, and service, CodaBow has garnered the industry’s highest international awards for instrument design and manufacture. As the bow of choice of many of the most talented players and the world’s most popular professional bow, CodaBows can be found on virtually every major stage and performance venue in over 100 countries. We are proud of our players and feel honored to serve our customers.

To do this, we rely on our people and our business culture. We maintain an open, balanced, and supportive work environment, equally valuing work ethic, ideas, well-being, and community. Our small team of 18 workers prove their commitment to each other, the company, and their craft every day. Recognizing the gift it is to be part of creating music, it is our uncommon privilege that the purpose of our work is solely to bring beauty into the world. We are honored to be a part of a passion that extends beyond the boundaries of time and space, and we believe in the vision set forth by the CodaBow founders.