Project Description

creamin booker - wes barlow - CodaBow - carbon fiber violin, viola, cello and bass bows

Cremain Booker

Principal Cello Nashville Philharmonic Orchestra

“I received the bow and let me say I LOVE IT! I’m so surprised by how light it is. It’s almost like it’s floating in my hand. It’s so light that I’ve had to consciously pay attention to it, so that I won’t drop it. I love the bite that I can get with the bow. I usually go for a heavier bow for that reason, so I can get extra traction. The Marquise takes care of that! It allows me to pull a nice deep and rich sound while also being able to give me the attack I need. I feel that the bow is strong enough to get attack but flexible enough for great tone!
I truly love this Marquise bow!”