Diamond GX Cello

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Nick Duggan

It was with trepidation that I ordered a Diamond GX cello bow. Having always needed to try before I buy, to see if the bow works well with the instrument.

My fears were dispelled after just a few minutes. I went straight to those passages that just weren’t sounding as good as they should. The Coda bow delivers. I could sustain double stops for longer and with a slower bow, switch between on and off the string techniques and the sound is smoother and sweeter to my ears..

I have to work hard on my cello to get the very high notes towards the end of the fingerboard to sound acceptable, but this is hugely improved by my GX.

We are still getting to know each other but I already know that I couldn’t get this quality at this price with a pernambuco bow.

This is not my second bow for travelling- this is my first bow - every time..

barbara kirk
excellent service

I am very happy to report that the service I received on-line from Hannah at CodaBow.com was completely satisfactory. She understood my situation and solved my problem.
I recommend this website to others needing help for coda bow issues.


After several years, I've decided the time has come to upgrade bows. I selected the Diamond GX and it has been a massive difference in play and feel. The first thing that came to mind was that it just felt much more responsive. Certain etudes I had worked on that felt sluggish now felt extra punchy and lightweight. To me, my previous bow felt like cutting through cold butter but switching to this one felt like cutting through warm butter (or even margarine).

sadly, the Diamond GX did not imbue me with the ability to magically play Tchaikovsky's Op 35.